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About Rare Earth Elements

by Administrator | 5135 comments

Rare elements consists of group of seventeen elements having atomic numbers 21, 39, and from 57 to 71. The elements having atomic numbers between 58-71 are called as lanthanide. As these elements have strong affinity for the non metallic elements due to which they are used for producing alloys which are used in metallurgical industries. They occur in low concentration in the nature. However in certain minerals, where they occur as mixtures, they occurred in high concentration.

Rare elements find their application in glass, ceramic, lighting, and metallurgical industries. These elements have properties of exhibiting light when heated with oxides due to which they are used in cored carbon arcs. Rare earths also find their application in the petroleum industry as catalysts. Some of the rare earth elements like Yttrium aluminum garnets (YAG) are used in the jewelry trade as artificial diamonds.

As per latest research in dissimilar crystalline environment rare earth ions compete with one another and undermine the magnetic performance of the highest performance magnets. These findings also pointed the need for specialized atomic engineering of the material - manipulating the rare-earth local atomic structure to fully utilize the rare-earth contribution in next generations of magnets. This research will perhaps help the manufacturers to manipulate the rare earth ions atomic structure to improve the performance of earth magnets in future.

NdFeB is the most important applications of rare earth

by Administrator | 2442 comments

China's rare earth products are mainly used in rare earth permanent magnet materials, luminescent materials, catalytic materials, hydrogen storage alloy and rare earth polishing powder field of new materials, and metallurgical machinery, petrochemical, glass, ceramics, agriculture, textile and other traditional areas.

Last year's rare earth materials prices rose sharply, leading to the sintered NdFeB cost several times the growth. Surge in the prices, NdFeB factory capital chain overwhelmed, operating face enormous risks.

The price of rare earth materials directly result in the NdFeB price volatility. 2012, Nd-Fe-B downstream customers panic orders, the NdFeB Price and rapid decline, indirectly cause uneven NdFeB manufacturers busy.

Although rare earth prices declined, but last year a lot of getting goods at high prices, eventually leading to not sell NdFeB manufacturers are still on the sidelines, reluctant to attempt to buy the raw materials, rare earth prices continued to decline, the shot without different from the high-priced store goods, damaged profits.

Downstream chaos as the NdFeB upstream raw materials, in January 2012, praseodymium, neodymium prices also only 28, dysprosium iron price of 1,500. In June last year, the price of praseodymium neodymium directly soared to 160 nearly six times the rate of increase; praseodymium neodymium prices soared to 14,300 the rate of increase of nearly 10 times.

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