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Thursday 04 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

Customized Design Rubber Magnet

by Administrator | 9304 comments

We're Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic Co.,Ltd., conveying a myriad of NdFeb magnet with higher quality and occasional cost in large quantity for several years. Many individuals will think there a distinctive "cover" to produce watches together with other small objects resistant to magnetic influence? Exterior magnetic area to cover the material, the first is certainly magnetized iron itself.It has been transported this out test experiment, just a little compass in to a ring inside, to ensure that you can observe inside a little needle outdoors the ring will not be attracted to some magnet. So, with iron foreskin will have a way to pay for the outside in the magnetic area, the inside from exterior magnetic fields, through which it will not be magnetized iron products.This phenomenon in physics referred to as magnetic shielding. Do devote to gold or silver gold and silver watches, although very pricey, try not to put magnets near since it could not magnetically shielded. Finally in my opinion say, you'll be able to decide the coating, shape, size, situations are just like reliable, concurrently it's reasonable price.

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